Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bane Wolf Conversions pt. 2

how these things started:

A bit more forward progress on my Bane Wolf conversions.  They might be closer to scratch-builds than conversions, or lying somewhere in the greyed lines of assemblage. 

The chem-cannon needs a "tank" of sorts to hold the chemicals.  Here is a closeup of the tank.

The chem cannon tanks are assembled from used grinder bits that I trash-pick from work.  Then I've glued on a few washers, and a slice of "plastic card" tubing.  Whatever that stuff is called.  Each tank I've tried to have a "hatch," where the tank could conceivably be opened for the actual insertion of the chemical tank.  It would lock into place, and only open when the hatch is closed for safety.  A bit like  a tapper on a keg.

The chem cannon hatch.  A rubber washer from Hillman bag wire, two "hitches" from sprues.  On the turret you can see a bit from BFG- a big cannon from a Killkrooza or some such nonsense.

 The tracks needed some sort of guard.  I built these from Baneblade treads, chimera track guards, some of those "flappy plates" one finds on the sprues, and a Rhino back hatch.

Note the Baneblade peepholes, and the BFG junk on the turret.

 The second bane wolf, the hatch on the chem canister, the Baneblade peephole, and mkII track guards.  These track guards are "loose fitting," and can adjust to the suspension of the Bane Wolf when it drives over difficult terrain.  At least that's my story.

The chemical canisters are mounted on Forge World Grot "Smart Missile" mounts.  Never used those dumb things.

To the hellhound I completed hoses running from the flame canister.  It had to be more impressive looking since it has to actually "throw" the flame, rather than just shoot out chemicals in a spray.  So I used a larger grinder bit, and put more hoses running all over the place.   I added flexible wire scavenged  from headphones to run from the back of the canister to the turret.  It bends really easily so there shouldn't be any game-play interference.

Here are all three completed and ready for priming.

As a side note, I purchased a bastion on consignment.  It was two-stories tall for some reason.  I  tore it apart and will glue it back together before Dale Con.  Hopefully.