Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This is my second 8th Edition List.

I'll be playing a game against guard this weekend, it'll be an ambush mission and he's taking 75 points, I'm taking 100. We will most certainly using underdog rules and this should be an epic breakout mission for him, we are playing ambush.

I've got 2hq, 6 elites, 3 fast (splitting up the hellhounds) 6 troops and 2 heavies.

My < Regiment > you ask?

It's the Jordaan/ Yarr/ Lathekin: Narendra Cluster Body 55 Habitation Pacification and Relocation Battalion (Local Parish).

Too bad, no psykers or priests AFAIK. So Ooo-Eee and the Ministorum Priest wait this out.


  1. It's amazing to me that there could be names for every squad in your army. You and Pete are going to make this campaign of mine interesting indeed. Really cool though.

  2. it's no 726th Menial Labor and Utility regiment, but it'll do, pig.

  3. Hi Mark, you have enough for a Brigade detachment with 3 Elite/Fast, 6 Troops. You could split one of your Leman Russ Squads to make 3 Heavy Drops, 6 extra command points ;)

  4. Uh oh!

    Good advice! But at a higher power level. I totally cheesed my opponent here, didn't add up my Leman Russ tanks! I'm cheating!