Saturday, February 27, 2016

Big Game 2016

First deployment of the weekend: Stormcaller sets up his AdMech forces in a narrative mission against my marines.

The forces from Mars already harvesting dataslates upon deployment...

My job was to stop him from getting more.

My forces cap the hill and start their approach after the razorback is destroyed.

Thad Allen's Reactionary Team drop in and secure an objective.

Game #2 against Chaos 101, I think we did 4k?  He had this fearsome front-line advance...

...this was part of it.

During a break in this game I went to look at some of the other tables.

Ork Madness.

Checking the rules...

...still checking...

Back to the game with Chaos 101, my marines start mixing it up with Khorne.

An immobilized and double-hit-pointed rhino sits like a duck in front of the Chaos Knight.

 Meanwhile, on another table... a big 30k scrum had started.  I think this was around 5k of 30k nightlords vs the same amount of 30k Iron Warriors.

Night Lords vs. Iron Warriors in a 30k bash.

Stormtroopers drop into the hotzone.

Landing in formation, Hot Shot Lasguns blazing.  What is that one guy in the back looking at?  Oh yes.  The Cannon of Khorne.

A view of our battle.

 Lets take another break and check on some of the other tables...

I think the 30k game is all done, and people are just discussing theory hammer at this point.

A little fun conversion stuff.

Game #3, against that 30k Night Lords guy we were seeing earlier.  This was 3000 points.

Thad Allen gets stuck into the back lines again.  Stormtroopers use the Homing Beacon on the pod to drop in and assist.

Curze lurks in the shadows.

Even though the game went until 3am, these were the only photos I took.  It was a really great game.

The next game was on Saturday, a huge 12,000 vs. 12,000 Marines Errant and Blood Angels against the combined forces of Nurgle Marines and Nurgle Renegades.

Turn one drop pod in.  Thad Allen again.

The advance.

The defiler, and Nurgle Marines.

Taking a break from the action: I took some more photos around the hall.

Part of Chaos 101's forces of Khorne.

The Renegades advance in makeshift Rhinos and Chimeras.

Ye Olde Chaos Dreadnaught.  I just love this guy.  Love 'em.  Good memories.

Some more shots from around the hall:

Antics at another table.

I thought this had some funny symmetry going on.

Back to the Nurgle vs. Marines game...