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BASECOATING some storm troopers. Beginning with permanent green, a touch of blue and some gloss gel dissolved in water. A nice minty green that will muddy up great with alizarin crimson later.

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Carthrax Sector 75.M - A campaign scenario for Orks and Imperial Guard


Recent decades have seen increased activity  in the systems surrounding the Deko Nova.  The normally antagonistic Chaos forces on Malbulsia and KVX-1138 have been fending off all interference from the Eldar Karandaras fleet and the Marines Errant have taken to protecting merchant frigate lines and keeping them open to the Mercian system.  The Errants, unable to defend Mercia against the merciless and unending Waaagh Zazdakka have created pure instability to the region.  In recent months, Mercia Prime has fallen completely into Orkish control, and the former, far more tolerable Warboss Gobkrakka has been defeated and his Goff tribes exiled into space, drifting on a Rokk somewhere in the system.

The importance of hte Industrial Core Mining Facility and its directors must not be understated.  Not only shall the resources of Carthrax remain an asset to the Imperium, but the loss of Carthrax would certainly mean the eventual yield to Warlord Zazdakka, as En Fuego, the home planet of Zazdakka, has fully transformed into a planetary weapons factory.  The ore from Carthrax would only feed her forges.

Recent hostile activity has been light, and currently the Marines Errant have kept incursions from Mercia Prime, Malbulsia and KVX-1138 at bay.

An incident in Sector 75.M, near the Western Marsh Islands has caused alarm.  A large contingent of Orks, displaying markings from the old clan symbols of Gobkrakka, marched upon the defenses of the South Ridge in a night raid of the Arbor Southern Outpost.  This group of Orks showed little organization and a low amount of technology.  The whole was unmounted and without any artillery or support.  The raid barely breached the South Ridge when their remaining numbers turned and fled back into the woods under the cover of darkness.

Fearing that delay would result in waiting for another ork assault, it was hastily decided by Company Commander Cash "On Time" Hawkins that the Valkyrie squadron scrambled and already heading toward the Southern Ridge would rendezvous with intercept units already waiting upon the ridge.  These units would attempt to eliminate the retreating orks before they share information of the ridge's defenses.  This is a hurried night maneuver, and the risks are high.  An Ork encampment has been detected just past a small clearing to the south.  Hawkins has scrambled every man he has and ordered a march to the clearing.  From there they will spring a surprise assault on the Ork encampment, hoping to eliminate the threat completely with one fell swoop.  "We'll be back before breakfast!" he sounded, just before heading out.

Early reports from the airborne Valkyries come in:  the orks have constructed a road from their camp to a sizable clearing in the forest, and from the clearing another road has been built heading to the northeast.  This happens to be straight in the direction of the Mutant Mining Facility recently forced to quell renegade colonists infected with the draw of Chaos gods.

These are the same renegade colonists suspected of receiving aid from the Iron Warriors on KVX-1138.  Perhaps Carthrax is not as safe from the threats of the Deko Nova inner ring as it had been thought.

This scenario begins as the Orks are retreating into the woods and the Valkyries are arriving at the Southern Ridge defense wall.  From there they will carry the Interceptor Units into the early dawn pitch-black forest, charged with the duty of eliminating all of the retreating Orks while not revealing their presence to the nearby Ork encampment.


Act one will have the night fight rules in effect for the duration.

Setup:  Ork Player will begin the game with six units.  These units will be rolled for at the beginning of the game.  Each unit will comprise of 2d6 "Slugga Boyz," no Nobz, or other upgrades are allowed.  One of the boyz from each squad will be carrying a heavy weapon, preferably a rokkit launcha.  Each of these units will begin on the north end of the board, up to 8" away from the short board edge.  These ork units will be called "Retreat Units."

Retreat units are broken.  They will continue to fall back automatically every turn.  They will make a normal compulsive fall-back movement every turn, with their fallback corridor centered on teh closest point of the Ork Camp.  If they are assaulted they will automatically rally to fight normally,  If they win the combat they may only consolidate towards the camp and then will return to broken status immediately.   The Retreat Units may choose to run or fire their weapons.  However, they may not initiate a charge unless a unit is standing directly between them and their fallback path.

If a Retreat Unit reaches the 24"  radius of the Ork Camp at any point during the game, it will alert the camp's guards of the oncoming guard attack.  If this happens, Act One ends and the Surprise rule is not in effect.  

The Imperial player will start with six troop units in reserve, called the "Interceptor Squads."  These Interceptor squads will be comprised of 12 guardsmen.  Each turn, the Imperial player will roll a single reserve roll for each Valkyrie in reserve.  If the Valkyrie is coming on the board this turn, it will carry any of the Interceptor Squads onto the board.

Valkyries will begin rolling for reserves Turn One.  This reserve roll will being on a 6+.  Turn Two will be a 5+ and so on.  Turn six and forward will allow Valkyries to come and go as they please.

When the Valkyrie arrives from reserves, the Imperial player will place a target marker in the woods between the short board edge on the north end of the board up to the front of the ork camp.  This should not exceed ten feet.  After the target is placed, a 2d6 scatter is rolled.  If an arrow is rolled, the target will scatter normally 2d6 inches.  If it lands off the board, the Valkyrie will be placed back into reserve.  If it lands in the Ork camp  or the last two feet of the board "the no fly zone," then ACT ONE will end and Surprise will not be in effect.

After the location of the target is determined the Valkyrie will immediately fly within 3" of the target location (but not on it) and deploy the Interceptor squad it is carrying, in normal deepstrike formation centered on the target.

The Valkyrie, in its next turn, will either fly back to the Ridge to pick up another Interceptor Squad or remain on the board for additional support.  If it remains on the board it will use custom flyer rules, and will have a "spotlight" rule.

Spotlight: The Valkyrie spotlight may be used instead of firing the main guns.  If the Valkyrie is within 12" of a Retreat Unit, it may at any time shine the spotlight on the Retreat Unit, illuminating its position and eliminating any night fight rules applying to shooting or assaulting that unit.   In addition, the "side door gunners" armed with a heavy bolter may fire while the Spotlight is being used.  Note that if the Valkyrie or the Retreat Squad move more than 12" away from one another, or the Valkyrie is destroyed, the Spotlight rule will immediately cease effecting units.

Valkyrie Down! The first Valkyrie that receives and Immobilized or Destroyed result will cause the Valkyrie to plummet from the sky and crash into the forest.  A destroyed Valkyrie will be placed on its spot, a few pilots will surround it, and it will become an additional objective for the rest of the game.  Or course, if the pilots could put of a little bit of a fight before their plane was captured by Orks, well, that'd be pretty cool.

In ACT ONE, the orks will take the first turn, moving their compulsory fallback units toward the ork camp, and then performing a run.  Then the Imperial player will take the second turn, beginning the rolling for the first three Valkyries held in reserve.

Act One Length: There will be no limit to the number of turns Act One will take.  It should be a quick-paced Act, full of orks running-and-being-shot-down-in-the-woods-at-night action.

Conditions for Act Two:  Act Two will immediately begin if any or all of the following conditions apply:

1)An ork makes base contact with the 24" perimeter of the Ork camp.
2) An imperial flyer or its target lands within the 24" "no fly zone" on the south end of the board.
3) All orks have been eliminated.
4) An Imperial Unit of any kind enters the Ork Camp perimeter.


Night Fight rules are no longer in effect.

Setup:  Determine if the special rule "Surprise" is in effect.

Surprise rule IS NOT in effect:

If the Retreat Units from the orks made it back to their camp alive, or and Imperial flyer entered the "no fly zone" or an Imperial unit entered the Ork Camp, then the Orks are considered to be "On Alert."  They have seen the enemy coming and rally for the attack.

If the orks ARE on alert, then the following immediately occur:  Retreat units automatically rally and become a "normal ork boyz unit."  However, they will not rally if an Imperial ground unit is within 6" of them.  Intercept units may make a consolidation move.  Units in assault will remain in position and maintain their status.  Valkyries must remain in their current location.  Any Valkyries and Interceptor units in reserves will be placed into normal reserves for the Act Two Imperial Army.

Once this is done, the Imperial player will deploy as many forces as he wishing inside of the 2' clearing .  This is his "primary drop zone."  This clearing's center will be located no more than 5' from the north board short edge, its position will be determined during the setup of the game terrain.

The rest of the Imperial forces may be placed behind the perpendicular line crossing the center of the clearing and the long board edges.  No unit in this deployment zone may be closer to the Ork Camp than the closest edge of the clearing's edges.

Then the Ork player will place any of his forces in the Ork Camp radius.  The ork player will then take the first turn.

Surprise rule IS in effect: 

If all Retreat Units from Act One were eliminated and the orks are not on alert, then the Imperial forces have gotten the jump on the Orks and will launch their surprise attack.  Intercept units may immediately redeploy anywhere on the board except for the Ork Camp radius, the "path" or the 6" path around the ork camp.  Valkyries may also freely deploy (or return to reserves) in the same way.  After this, the ork player will deploy any foot infantry units in the Ork camp.  Jump infantry, bikes, vehicles, and walkers must be kept in normal reserve.  This will arrive when available using normal reserve rolls, moving on from the south board edge.

After the orks have deployed, the Imperial player may deploy any of his forces anywhere six feet from the north short board edge, infiltrators will be deployed normally.  The Imperial player will then take the first turn. 

Any units held in reserve by the Imperial player may arrive by deepstriking without error in the 2' clearing in the center of the board.  Otherwise, they will arrive by moving on from the north board edge, or from the trail head approximately 4' from the north short board edge, on the east long board edge.

Act Two will last from 5-7 turns, using normal 40k random game length turns.

Dense, Dark Foliage: The majority of the board will be considered deep old-growth woods, a thick canopy with a relatively open underbrush.  Normal line-of-sight will be used, and only large groups of trees and bushes should be considered for LOS or cover purposes when firing.  Units that are shot at, through, or inside the woods will receive a 5+ cover save.  All units moving in the woods will be moving in difficult terrain, and assaults will most likely be considered as "through difficult terrain," except for the terrain features The Clearing, The Path, and the Ork Camp.

VICTORY POINTS:  A single victory point will be scored for each condition met.


A Retreat Unit reaches the Ork Camp in Act One.
A Retreat Unit immobilizes or destroys a Valkyrie in Act One
The Ork Camp is controlled (not contested) by the End of Act Two
The 2' Clearing is captured by the end of Act Two
All three Valkyries are destroyed by the end of Act Two
Valkyrie wreckage is controlled by the end of Act Two

Imperial Guard:

All Retreat Units are destroyed in Act One
All Intercept units are on the board by the end of Act One
The Ork camp is captured or contested by the end of Act Two
The 2' Clearing is held by the end of Act Two
The Trail Head is contested or held by the end of Act Two
Valkyrie wreckage is held by the end of Act Two



Photograph taken by partisan field reconnaissance party just outside the forest border of Southern suburbs, somewhere between Yule districts 7 through 9N. Citizen militia are expected to arrive at the source event within 13 hours.

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this model was released in 1999. I just got it thru eBay, in original shrink wrap. I almost don't want to open it.

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NGC40k -- The Podcast

Our first podcast has been released.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a listen and give a shout as to how you feel about it.