Monday, March 30, 2015

A Waveserpent. Not mine, but convincing to the argument of an airbrush purchase in my future.

Friday, March 27, 2015

one of the early plated pieces, always suffers from inadequate sunlight. This is in full afternoon sun. That's what five layers of glass gets you.

Nebula II

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All stripped down: I've spent the past few nights soaking these guys in Simple Green and scrubbing off scabs of paint with a wire brush. Several rinses later only the faintest of jasmine scent still lingers. They are 18 storm troopers strong (tempestus scions), two meltas two plasmas. I figure I'll kit out the sergeants (tempestors whatever) with matching plasma pistols and they'll be ready for new primer.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

lead came and copper foil, copper and tinned wire overlay.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BIG GAME 2015.

Sorry for the repeats, but here are some photos from this year's Big Game.  It lasted from Friday evening until early morning Sunday, wrapping up with a splendid 8 turns at around 2am.  Then we had another two hours of Cards Against Humanity.  Spirited, indeed.


Guardsman-a-Day Slovak brought back our old friend Miguel Quasar!  To add to the amazing treat, he came with his own squad, custom made for the event.  Fantastic!

Appropriately enough, there was a fountain just outside the hotel room.

I played a game vs. Chaos 101 on Friday night.  I thought I was going to win, then the Gal Vorbak showed up.

Ethmongul's warboss-- ready for the pre-game Boss Battle.

Simonsayswaagh brought a Big Mek to the Big Boss Battle.

AJ's Warboss.  He had a shiny gun, that really made a difference.

The three warbosses met in underground caverns beneath Torn Martyr

Sneaky Meks that brought Tin Kans with them found them quickly strewn across the tunnels.

At the behest of their warboss, orks clash in the tunnels.  The Warboss pictured above came out on top, and would lead 20,000 points of orks to the surface.


Two forgefiends begin the battle by tearing down the gates of Torn Martyr.  The Marines Errant are waiting in formation.

Surprised by the speed of their assault, the Errants hastily readjust and dismantle the beasts.

When the caverns erupted, what seemed to be hundreds of stormboyz streaked out onto the top of the walls.

On the other end of the battlefield, the Blood Angel Phalanx swept through the city to defend against the Tyranid uprising.

Miguel Quasar, caught red-handed poisoning the city's water supply.

The length and breadth of the battlefield.

This marine battled spawn for what seemed like hours.

Plague rebellion and ork superheavy vehicles clash amongst the ruined walls of their former fellow enemy.

The first gene seed capsule is snatched away from the Marines while hounds hold up the only last resistance.

While Morgoth's boys kept the Master of the Forge at bay, the second gene seed vial is stolen away.

Orks pour down the city streets.

Circa 3:30am.  Cards against humanity, strangely colored drinks.