Sunday, February 22, 2015

Work on the Walls, Prep for the Big Game 2015

11 Years Strong.  The Big Game approaches in a week.  We're all pretty stoked at D-Company.

I've had to work on the walls a bit, these need to be remounted to their bases and flocked a bit to cover up what peeled off over the years.

I used black construction adhesive, some PVA glue and used carbon filter filings.  I've got a shower filter, the shit inside makes for great flock.  Except for the little white balls, I figure they're probably perlite and I'll pick them off as need arises.

Otherwise, the Emperor's finest have been practicing their golf drives against the walls.  Whatever.

Coating the base with construction adhesive.  After the first tube, I switched to a black color.

The old base treatment glued to the new.

Adding the flock.  Good ol' Elmers, an old shaving brush, multiple shower-head filter cartridges.  The used carbon on the inside looks like slate.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I'm working on. I've got the Stormtalon, a metal dreadnought and a vintage predator. They're done being base coated, I just need to do some shading in umbers and silver detailing, hopefully they'll be tabletop ready by this weekend.