Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Friends With Models

My friend (his blog is here : ) has been working on a new Chaos lord for his new Night Lords army.  I've threatened this before: if you send me pictures, I might just post them on this sleeply little blog.

A night lord champion, I'm guessing, with twin lightning claws.  A nice predator-esque pose.

His new Chaos Lord, also with the twin lightning claws.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Martyred Detachment

Marines Errant division 802, nicknamed "The Forced March."  Stranded for an indeterminate time upon the Words Peninsula.

Minotaurs. Hell-bent upon capturing the Words, advance with a strong front of Terminators joined by an Inquisitor.  The Relic they sought laid upon the body of the slain Tyrant Klaeser in the War Podium.

Minotaur Predator and Dreadnaught, making a dart for their left... make way for the advancing tacticals.

Marines Errant deploy defensively, in cover.

Minotaur servo-skulls had appeared the vicinity of the Errants but gone unnoticed. 

Minotaur Terminators dash into the ruins to secure the relic.

To meet the Terminators at the Relic Site:  The Marines Errant Venerable Dreadnaught, Evros.  The portrait of the Tyrant Klaeser still visible above his grave.

Minotaur Inquisitor and accompanying Terminators wade into the building to meet Evros.

Errant Tacticals respond.  Thad Allen leads his Reactionary Team into the fray.

Tactical Doctrine.

After the firefight.

If there were to be heroes today, it would be the ones who stood bravely and pointed at one another.

Sgt. Green leads his plasma team through the ruins to the west of the podium, advancing cautiously, awaiting the signal.

Maines pour from every hull.  The Tactical Doctrine is successful against the Terminators, yet the Inquisitor still stands.

Combat Squad Orange advances into the Ruin, a Lascannon sweeping for targets.

Minotaurs respond.  Tacticals begin to flood the structure as well.

Fierce firefights at close range ensue.

Errants reposition.  Devastator Squad takes point.

Chronos advances upfield, but fails to break the enemy lines.

Errants swarm from their transports, pouring fire into the podium.

Things begin to break apart.  Dreadnaughts find themselves hobbled by melta fire.

The Marines Errant find themselves outclassed in assault.

A challenge...

... a result.

The Minotaur Tacticals scoot to the roof, and secure the relic there.