Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kill Team Battle Report: NCG 1

This is the first battle report from the Narrative Gamer's Club, a 500-point Kill Team game between Marines Errant and Ravenguard Marines.  The mission for the Ravenguard was to break through the Errant lines, the Errants were to kill as many of them as possible.  We rolled for traits, Sgt. Thad Allen got "Been There Done That (Counter Attack)", Gunner Forshot got "Ignores Cover" for his Missile Launcher and Mr. Farnsworth was a Guerrila fighter capable of Fleet of Foot.  Assistant Gruner had "Feel No Pain." 

Report THRT / JA9:  Sgt. Thad Allen's Reactionary Team

A report prepared in coordination with Sgt. Thad Allen regarding an encounter when on patrol with the Tactical Insertion Formation JA9.  

 The composition of the formation was as follows:

Sgt. Allen's Reactionary Team was equipped with a powerfist and a bolt pistol.  His squad was comprised of his primary assistant Gruner, A. Journes, and R. Baflae and Gunner Forshot.  Providing support: Sgt. Soolo's "Rooters."  The Rooters were comprised of Sgt. Soolo with a plasma pistol and chainsword, accompanied by Mr. Farnsworth with a flamer, Sir Aachen, Sir DePorres, and Sir Sussman.

The combined teams formed the Tactial Insertion Formation JA9 (TIFJA9).

The formation was conducting a sweep upon the industrial zones west of the base of Hive 65 (abandoned).  The soot from the ash fires that have been lit by Jordaan gangs obscured most sight, and it is still not entirely determined what caused the firefight to occur.  However, it is safe to say that another force was encountered and it is assumed that was of Imperial origin; the friendly-fire event is currently under investigation, and measures are being taken that it does not happen as easily again.  Communications on this level are excluded from this report.

The report follows:

Sgt. Thad Allen and two squad members lead the sweep across the industrial complex.

Gunnery Forshot had taken up a position upon the ramps, Assistant Gruner had just relayed survey information to Sgt. Soolo behind him.

The Ravenguard scouts sprint across the rubble.

Advancing quickly, they were first seen by the Errant Marines at point-blank range.

The Errants in spread formation.

In the first few moments of the encounter, all Errants in the formation fire upon the Ravenguard scouts, yet no damage was scored.

Assistant Gruner takes up position behind a loading ramp as the bullets begin to fly.  A Grav-Gun force is detected, fired by Balon, but does not affect Gruner's armor adversely.  All scrap filings around him, however, are balled into bearing-sized nuggets.

Roe leads the charge.   Sir Sussman returns fire to no avail.

Balon and Suhngrave move in to engage Asst. Gruner.

Gunner Forshot takes aim, but fails to connect with missiles.

Wayne connects with a bolt pistol to Sgt. Soolo, he falls out of action.

As the battle progressed, Assistant Gruner was found to have stood his ground for a good amount of time, eventually knocking down Sgt. Balon with a hail of accurate bolter-fire.  

Aire and Solen fling themselves through the gout of flame spilling out from Mr. Farnsworth.  Steeling themselves they spring into assault, tying up the flamethrower from firing again.

The inevitable happens- it is difficult to fight with a flamethrower against close-combat armed opponents.  Mr. Farnsworth falls to Aire and Solen.

Sir Sussman takes a good shot and fells Talvus, but is soon knocked out of action by Roe. 

Airie pops out from the cover of darkness and engages Sgt. Allen.  The Marine Sergeant begins to curse the Scouts and question their motives. 

"I'll deal with you next!" Sgt. Allen defeats Airie, and prepares for Solen's charge.

Gunner Forshot, still looking for upfield enemies, fails to see the threat coming from behind...

...and his missile launcher is quickly silenced by Wayne and Clayve.

 After Wayne and Clayve dropped Gunner Forshot, Thad Allen brutally injured Deekon, then fled the field to make his report.  Assistant Gruner then continued fire upon his foes, knocking down Suhngrave as well. 

While the Scouts of Ravenguard completed their mission, Gruner continued to pick away at his assailants, also wounding Wayne before the Ravenguard slipped out of sight.

Injuries:  Mr. Farnsworth sustained some major injuries, and will be kept in the Infirmartarium for an as-yet undetermined amount of time.  Mr. Sussman and Sgt. Soloo were both wounded, but have pledged that they will be able to serve through the length of their recovery, and their faith has not been shaken.  Gunner Forsight did not recover from his injuries and has been listed as a casualty.  His gene-seed was collected.

It should be noted that the infiltrators had achieved an advanced position on the Marines, and made every effort to carry their wounded with them off the area of the encounter. 

Mission results.  The Marines Errant scored 1 point for Slay the Warlord, 1 for Breaking the opponent (bringing his numbers to less than 50%, and achieving two primary objectives for the number of Ravenguard they wounded.  The Ravenguard achieved First Blood, Breaking their opponent, and three of their objectives for making it past the Errants deployment zone.  The final score was 5-4, Ravenguard.