Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1850 Tournament

I'm entering an 1850 tournament this weekend.  I'm pretty excited to play again.  Stayed up tonight and got my list ready.  Pretty cool stuff, I'll have a Master of The Forge riding around in a Rhino with some Heavy Bolter Devastators hopefully we can use them at relatively short range.  I think a twin-lined Plasma Cutter at BS5 is pretty cool after the three heavy bolters get all the meat shields out of the way.  Also, four dreadnaughts- one of them Venerable and taken as a Heavy Support Choice because of that Master of the Forge so he can score during Big Guns Never Tire.

Here's the list.  I don't care if anyone coming to the tournament sees this, they shouldn't really have a problem with anything in it.  I know dreads are the new dummies on the block, but I always wanted to field an 1850 list like this one.  Simple, heavy on the lascannons (eight of them) so I can use them during the turn when an opponent brings on flyers.  I'll open up with the lascannons and two flakk missile launchers up there after declaring Devastator doctrine.  It might be worth a try.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.  I'm fielding what I wanna see out there, not necessarily a competitive list, still I'm hoping for the best.


Master of the Forge, M. Hibiscus, armed with Servo Harness.                        90p
    Notes:  Repairs in shooting phase on a 4+.  Extra Servo Arm grants +1 attack for a base of A3.  Plasma
    cutter (12"S7A2 Ass1 Gets Hot Twin Linked) and Flamer can both be fired in same turn.


Tactical Squad: Red Division.  Led by Sergeant Thad Allen.  AKA "Thad Allen's Reactionary Squad"        190p
    +Powerfist (25), Melta Gun (10), Plasma Cannon (15)
    Dedicated Transport  Rhino, Model "G3"                          45p           235p
    +Hunter Killer Missile (10)                    

Tactical Squad: Orange Division.  Led by Sgt. Klonn.                           190p
    +Powerfist (25), Melta Gun (10), Plasma Cannon (15)
    Dedicated Tranport Razorback                             75p          265p
    +Twin Lascannon Turret

Tactical Squad: Yellow Division.  Led by Sgt. Clonn.                          200p              
    +Powerfist (25), Melta Gun (10), Missile Launcher (15), Flakk Missiles (10)
                Dedicated Tranport Razorback                                               75p               275p
    +Twin Lascannon Turret

Tactical Combat (5-Man) Squad: Blue Division.  Led by Sgt. Schama.                 105p
    +Power Weapon(10), Melta Bombs (5), Lascannon 20


Dreadnaught.                                             125p
    +Twin Lascannon (25).

Dreadnaught.                                              125p
    +Twin Lascannon (25).

Dreadnaught.                                             105p
    +Twin Autocannon (5).


Venerable Dreadnaught.                                         125p.    Notes: Multi Melta, Stock. WS & BS 5,  Venerable: May re-roll penetrating result.                                                                                           
Predator Annihilator.                                    140p
    +Tank Command: Sgt. Chronos, (50).                            190p
    Notes: It Will Not Die, BS5 and Immune to Stunned and Shaken granted to tank.  Escapes on a destroyed result,
    See Page 110 of codex.

Devastator Squad: Six Man Squad.  Led by Sgt. Boughy. (84p)
    +Power Weapon (15), 3 Heavy Bolters (30), Missile Launcher (15), Flakk Missiles (10)     154p
    Dedicated Transport  Rhino, Model "Science Survey Rhino"  SSR-3                      45p            204p
    +Hunter Killer Missile (10)