Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ork Insurgency on JYLN-55

Ethmongul's Kan / Dread wall, complete with Grot meatshield.

 Joy of joys.  My good friend and best man Ethmongul (not his real name but his D-Company moniker, Zazdakka on the Waaagh! discussion board) visited and I got to play his orks again.  I once played orks exclusively, I used his 50 grots for years.  Eventually they went back to him with some slavers I made.  It was a great game, as I got to face off against him with my Marines Errant.  A classic Marines vs. Orks engagement.

The game at deployment.
 We played a mission where we deployed on the short sides of the table, and each had one objective in our deployment zones.  Much like the old 5th edition mission "deploy and draw."  My objective was at the base of the green fist in the photo to the right.   I surrounded it with marines and razorbacks, rhinos.  I took a simple 2000 point list, a minimal honor guard, but one landraider redeemer (seen at the top of the pic) and a chapter master.  Nothing too fancy.  Lots of lascannons.
The Grots scramble forward trying not to get caught underfoot by the scrap-chucking Killa Kans with Grotzookas.

The Marines lie in wait for the advancing orks. 
A massive mob of 'Ard Boy Shootas.  One of Ethmongul's signature units.  My Redeemer filled with Chapter Master and Honor Guard made short work of them, I remembered what it was like to be an ork player when a single tank could wipe out a dangerous mob like these.

 Toward the end of the game, I had a dreadnaught advance to his objective, which he had protected with 15 burna boyz.  While the burna boyz are a very good choice for protecting an objective, they do nothing to a dreadnaught.  A protracted battle found them whittled away to nothing, and a boyz squad needed to double back to the objective in order to contest it.  My Chapter Master, already having taken two of his three wounds, wisely decided to watch from a distance as to not give them the Slay the Warlord victory point.

Where the Kan Wall Stopped:  With every remaining gun in my army, I finally put a halt to the Warboss and the Killa Kan / Dreadnaught wall as they touched my objective.  It was just about as difficult as it sounds.

I really like playing against Ethmongul's orks.  They are expertly painted and fluffy as hell.  In this battle he fielded a battlewagon filled with lootas (!) that was the bane to my army, it popped rhinos and razorbacks like crazy.  I blamed my dice (like a loser) because I had hit that battlewagon 6 times with lascannons and had rolled 1's for penetration.  My apologies for not having a picture of his great model, I had one but it was out-of-focus.