Friday, May 3, 2013

Book of the Arbitrator Games (Pt. 1 of 2)

Hi all.  J stopped over the other day and we filled the afternoon with Book of the Arbitrator goodness.  See earlier posts for more of these games.  Book of the Arbitrator is a mod of Necromunda that includes all the races (and then some) of 40k.  Great stuff here.  I wish this game was more popular, we have a really good time playing it.

First off, I made some terrain for us to clamber around in.  The scenario had our gangs assembling a device.  When the device was assembled, we were to return to a control panel, open up the escape door, and leave the facility.  We didn't get very far in the objective, but mixed it up quite a bit.

My current gang from left to right: Daemon the Eldar Marksman, Yog-Sothoth the Eldar Death Seer, Hiro the Eldar Bounty Hunter, Ouborous the Human Brawler, Ver Dante the Eldar Munitions Expert, and Shub If-Tael the Eldar Swordsman.
The first game started with us choosing a place to break into the facility.  We marked these entrances with portal markers.

Sgt. Hulka enters the facility and heads toward the toxic goo.

We invented a special rule about the yellow toxic goo.  Your characters could run across it, but could not voluntarily spend a turn standing in it (they were compelled to get out of the stuff).  Nobody did, but we decided there would be dire consequences for falling down in the stuff.

Ouborous enters the facility and heads for the skybridge.
Ver Dante heads toward the core of the facility, hoping to set up his missile launcher.  Yup.  He's got one.
Damon has his back.
Hulka's Crew heads toward the objectives.  They were joined by a Squat who carried a mean bolt pistol with hellfire rounds.  Elissa Takar, the half-eldar heads in the opposite direction...
Ouborous, Yog, and Hiro head toward the main offices.
Takar covers as Uk Splag the Ogryn is led into the main core room.
Hulka enters the "Blue Light Room."  Ah yes.  There's an objective on the floor!
Uk Splag bellows at the Eldar Damon taking sniper shots at him across the room.

Yog Dashes down the plank to the skybridge.
Two new girls workin' for Hulka.  Greely (lower) and Blumila (I think, above).  The provide cover for the Ogryn as he charges across the room.
Hulka's team charges.  The Eldar begin to back out of the Exit door.
Ver Dante goes down.  Hulka's crew charges the door as Eldar marksmen begin unloading at the opening.  Uk Splag takes two wounds, but keeps on charging.
Meanwhile on the other side of facility, Hiro has made it into the worker's break room behind the main offices and found the power coupling.  One of the objectives.
Before he can duck out from the door, Shub If-Tael gets hit by a shot from the core room and hits the floor.  Damon stands over him and fills the door with long-las fire.
In comes the Ogryn!  Nothing could stop him.  Hulkas crew follows close behind as the Ogryn beats the Eldar to a pulp.
Hulka's crew secures the doorway.
Ouborous (holding an objective from the skybridge) and Yog return to see their comrades cut down.  Sensing the battle is lost, Yog, Hiro and Ouborous fail their bottle check and run out the side hatch.  Victory goes to Hulka's crew.

In short order the Ogryn spelled the doom for my crew.  While I wounded him twice, it was discovered that being both immune to pinning and having multiple wounds combine for an unstoppable close-combat machine.  His high toughness protected him from the majority of my las fire (all str 3 vs. toughness 5).  The game ended pretty quick after half of my gang was swept up by him.