Friday, December 28, 2012

Creation of a Homeworld: The Pit of Nurgle

The Nurgle Pit Beckons
 A bit of a delay, Happy Holidays to everyone.  Came home the other day after the in-laws left to find standing water in my beautiful basement Homeworld.  Turns out that the sewer had backed up after a load of laundry.  I rented a roto-rooter (actually a device named the "Electric Eel" from the local big-box store and unclogged the drain.  Today came the scrub brushes and the bleach. 

Roots were the cause.  I had a thought that I should use the roots as a piece of terrain, but I thought better than to introduce giardia to the tabletop.

I've started a few buildings.  First, the Satellite Uplink Station (SUS). It's made from an old teakettle, two halves of two different smoke detectors, a shaving cream plastic container (or something, can't tell really what someone would use that for), a tube used for garden decorations and some random washers and gear parts at the top.

The SUS.           

Next we have a marine proudly showing off the exterior of the pump-and-gear-house.  I couldn't begin to list the parts used on this.

This shows the interior of the pump-and-gear house, it's got see-through floors for better template management.  The first floor is mostly filled with machinery.  Hardware store nerds should note the key-burnishing wheel, making its second appearance on a piece of 40k terrain (I tore it off some discarded terrain during last year's Big Game).

This tower has yet to have a formal name, but it might be called the "Main Generator" or somesuch.  While none of these projects are painted, this one should specifically turn out excellent when finished.  The center block is made from 1/8" frosted glass, the roof with blue cathedral glass.  Only a few areas will remain unpainted on the roof and the sides, and a blinking light will be installed inside.  This way the building will have windows with flashing lights coming from the inside.

The Power-Station Thingy 

This is a picture of a Space Marine dutifully standing beneath the Power Station Thingy, showing off some of the impressive duct work.

The ducting was particularly impressive.

That's all for now.  I hope to get some games in soon.  Happy New Year.