Friday, September 28, 2012

Gettin' by with a little help from my friends.

Since we've seen me last on this blog, I've seen the birth of my new daughter and had a horrible virus attack my system.  I'm all better, and the little girl is doing just great.  During this time I've been quiet on the blog, but I've been slowly putting guardsmen together, with much thanks to added supplies from my friends Tim and J.  They'll probably see a few of their own figs in these pictures, I've kept some of them whole just to give homage to their generosity-- in 40k model form.  In the pic above is my company commander (for now, I plan on buying creed), his vox caster, two flamers and a company standard (because big flags look really cool).

In the next photo I've got an infantry command squad.  They've got three flamers and a kneeling heavy flamer.  I hope to add a vox to this squad, and transfer one of the flamers out to another infantry command squad still in progress.

Many of the conversion bits you'll see are from Warlord games and from Pig Iron.  I really think they make great stuff, especially for guard armies.  Next are a few infantry squads.  This one has a vox and a chick with a grenade launcher.  She'll probably get a name, and become a character in Book of the Arbitrator games for sure.  I think her name will be Klorine Bleech.

Each infantry platoon is pretty much identical, a grenade launcher, vox, and bare-bones sergeant.

Also, I wanted each unit to have a "scout" of sorts leading them through the ruins of combat, so each squad has someone kneeling and pointing, or someone kneeling with binoculars, ususally reserved for heavy weapons squads.  This will help explain, fluff-wise, why I will probably regularly outflank with the penal legions and other units. 

These guys coming up are some veterans.  They've got some melta and some plasma power.

And this squad,  I'm not sure whether to convert them into veterans, parts them down to special weapons squads, or keep them just an ugly-lookin' infantry squad.  But they're part of the chemical crew, that will accompany the Bane Wolf squadron I'll have coming onto the field.

And some heavy weapons.  Some mortars.  Great stuff.  I'll probably build another two bases, and then field two squads of two, or attach these guys to command squads.

As I mentioned earlier, I've got some penal legion already built.  I've got two squads of ten, ready to rumble.  As seen earlier in the blog.

I've got a chimera, two leman russes, three bane wolves and some more heavy weapons to put together.  The above will be the core of my army, I'm hoping to use Creed and Kell to shout out orders.  I know I won't need all those vox casters out there, but I think they look really great, and if anyone sees how I roll, they'll know I'll need 'em if I want to get an order off.