Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pictures of the caves!

My cultist gang, from left: Steve Toyo, Burl, Yog Soth'oth, Hiro Protagonist, Daemon, Ouroborous.

I'll post a battle report soon enough, but for now I'd just like to get some pictures down from our last Book of the Arbitrator game.  It was a custom designed scenario by by friend J, and Tim and I ran around in it.  My little cultist gang was the underdog, so I got some mad experience (although I gotta admit Tim let me live and didn't play super-competitively bless him).

The left side of the table was the underground mines.

Right side was the above ground mine entrances.

Some cool teleport pods downstairs.
One of the elevator shafts.
A tunnel created by a mini-bore machine.
A hidden mine entrance, a greasy service ladder beneath.
A choke-point hallway, where the firefight broke out.
Hiro was one of the first down the ladder.  He only slipped a little on his way down.
Ships crew take an elevator into the dark.
Hiro faces off against this crazy chick wielding a... shuriken rifle?  He wonders who is supplying this gang, and would love a better look at that rifle.  But for now, he sticks her to the wall with his webber.
You don't really mess around with Space Marines, even when they don't have power armor.  Unless you have a melta gun, then maybe.
The central command chamber.  Yog slaps down a servitor.
Guards respond to the disturbance.
Gads.  Hiro fails to support the cultist, and the Archmagos approaches!
The ship's crew brought a beeping, whirring, killer robot along.
Guns begin blazing in the choke point hallway.