Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lodge Meeting This Sunday

I feel like a tool.  Subscribed to Pandora today, but dialed up "Front 242 Station" and put together some 40k figs.  Good times.

Veteran's Squad using Pig Iron heads.  Two Melta guns, one plasma gun, Sarge has a plasma pistol.  These guys are Chimera-bound.  Load up, dump out, and pop the armor.

About 32 guardsmen.  I put all these guys together tonight, for the most part.

I decided that my Ash-Wastes guardsmen should be missing something, mainly a well-oiled vox-caster.  Therefore, all Vox-Casters will be screaming orders that they hear to their friends, rather than using the conspicuous speaker.

And for some reason, they've gotta take off their helmets before they yell. 

Grenade launcher conversions.  Left: "Fire Away!"  Right: "Um, have you looked at the size of those things?"

Another view of the same fellows.  Guy on right is holding binoculars.  Always helpful when you're launching grenades.

Another two grenade launcher conversions.  Note that one of them actually is holding grenades.

20 Penal Legion cannon fodder.  
Penal Legion wardens point and yell, naturally.  Each penal legion solder has a ring around his neck, ready for detonation if he doesn't feel like doing what he's told to do.
Another Penal Legion warden and three more prisoners. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some terrain thoughts.

I constructed some very simple forms with scrap glass from work.

One of the cool things about his is some of the photos that we come away with, I put small LED and "no flame tealights" inside them for some glowing effects.  I hope to play with this some more once I have a proper workshop.  Also, as seen above, reflections make for cool photos.

A lit building.  These are Boroth's terminators, his dreaded Minotaurs.  I don't recommend playing a Zone Mortalis game against him if you have Space Marines.  Not good chances. :)

I collect all kinds of junk.  The power generator to the right in the above photo consists (from bottom to top) of a plastic cap from a coffee tin, a gear that I found on Barclay in Milwaukee (if you live in Milwaukee you should cruise through there), a cut-off bottom of a seltzer bottle, a ring form a bearing and a plastic shield to a gas regulator.  I placed a tea light inside.  If Dale is reading this, he might recognize the blue glass ball inside the rear building from a Downer Hardware garden ornament.  He gave me two of them so I could make them into an orky thing.  I never did, but I kept 'em for sure.

Central Services... Continued.

I'd really like to post some new photos of my guard army that is coming together, but not yet.  More on that later.  I've got about 30 put together, really liking what's going on.  Pig Iron heads are awesome.  I even love it that they've got lead in them.  Makes for a softer metal, so the sprue can be "squeezed" to make a post, no pinning needed.

But for now... more Arbitrator pix.

While Yog started fighting his way through Hulka's Crew, Daniel Greene was dispatched by Archy Bunter.  Archy was pissed, and wasn't gonna take any crap from any Slaan cultists.   Daniel would die from his injuries.  He did get to shoot his lasgun a few times before he died, but his first fight would be his last.  Steve Toyo watches on, carrying a crate objective. 

Yog moves on to take out Fjord, who is standing there holding onto a barrel.  Hulka, seen at the left, has been transfixed by the Slaan preacher.  He can't take his eyes off him, and just stands there for most of the game.  Tor has dropped in a barrel, and turns to face Yog.

Fjord goes down.

Steve Toyo goes down to Archie's furious assault.  Burl, seen in the background, is too late to help.  His heavy stubber has run out of ammo!

Steve would come out of the encounter alive, but is now partially deaf, his ears boxed in by Archie.

Again one of the stars of the game, Daemon has found a perch and uses his Long Las with Red Dot Laser Sight and his Eagle Eye advancement to pin down Hulka's crew.  He was a terror all game, and at the end he used his grapnel to secure an objective.

All kinds of mess around the CSDU.  Tor and Yog are pinned, Fiery McFierson drops in an objective, Hulka is still transfixed.  Yog would recover with only a flesh wound, and stand up soon enough to fight again!

"I don't think so!"  Archie steps up and dispatches Burl.  He came away with no permanent injury.

Yog and Tor stand up, and fight it out.  Yog nails Tor with his powerfist and takes him down.

Fiery "Two Tanks" McFierson lets loose with his flamer, lapping Tor in noxious burning gas.

...and Yog is down for a second time.   Hulka is still transfixed.

From seemingly out of nowhere, Hiro shows up in the green utility truck!  He's got an objective on board, and cultist Youghouheny in the back seat.  Yog has stood up again, with yet another flesh wound.  His BS and WS are both at 1 at this point, and he decides to dash for the objective crate behind him.  Preacher Ouborous  has been lying on the ground for some time now, with a bullet in his side.  His line of sight is now blocked by the truck, and Hulka can finally move freely.

After this point, everyone scrambled for an objective and left the battlefield.

After we both bottled, the game was deemed a tie.  Another great game of Arbitrator.  I really love these games we have.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Central Services Disposal Unit Mission

Two gangs meet at the Central Services Disposal Plant.   As it turns out, both have been hired by the same company, one that is a rival to Central Services- to create a good amount of havoc and sabotage.  The best way to do this is to pick up taconite ore pellets and steal them, or toss them in the disposal unit, melting them into worthless slag.

How this worked:  A board was set up, 4x6, with a factory surrounding a disposal facility that sits out in the open.  A model coming in contact with an objective can carry the objective, but is -1 MV.  A model may carry more than one objective, but each objective carried lessens the value of every objective past the first by multiple of 0.5 (this never happened so we really don't need to illustrate it further here).  "Dumping" an objective into the Central Services Disposal Unit (the CSDU) would "lock in" a victory point, or, holding an objective at the end of the game would score a point.

If three barrels were loaded into the CSDU in one turn, the CSDU would overload and the game would immediately end.

If a player scored 5 points locked into the CSDU (dumped a total of five objectives) he would score an extra D6xp at the end of the scenario.

Everyone not "down" at the end of scenario would gain +1xp.

Winner of the scenario (most objective points) would score their Leader +1xp, and a bonus of +2xp to be spent on anyone in their gang.

True to the lack of money on Cassius currently, there was no income for this game.

The Central Services Disposal Facility.  Gangs would start opposing each other from a single point on a board.

The Disposal Unit (CSDU)

The Slaan gang that joins the Eldar for this fight.  This is Cultist Youghouheny, the guy in the yellow behind him is Preacher Ouborous.

Preacher of the Verses of Decadence: Ouborous.  He's a human sage archetype, with an Agrippa Pattern shotgun.  Pretty great stuff from this game.

Hiro and Damon break off from the cultists and take a sneaky Eldar flank.

The preacher and a cultist sneak around the air pumping station, they can see Hulka's crew approaching from the east.

There's Hulka's crew, moving quickly toward the CSDU by skirting the waste disposal magnetic crane.

Hiro ends up checking out the utility truck again.  He seems to like this type of vehicle for some reason.

Yog Soth'oth leaps out from his hiding spot and smashes the Ogryn Ugsplat to the ground.  One of his power-fist punches will permanently blind one of Ugsplat's eyes.  This is the first sign of the cruelty brought on by the preacher's teachings.  Tor is pinned from covering fire, and Fjord Fairlane thinks he should probably boogie soon.

"I'll take your eye..."

The fight raged on on the disposal unit while Tor drops in a barrel. 


Monday, May 7, 2012

This is my imperial guard army so far.  A bunch of sprues, a chimera hull, some donated bits.  The stuff Peter gave me is in the bags and the sprues on the right.  The sprues in the center are the Warlord games stuff.  Note the three cameras at the head of the table.  More on them later.

This is the box I bought for 20% off:

They'll make great fodder.  Here's the stuff Peter sent.

Whats really great is some of the vehicle bits and the fact he sent me TONS of arms.  I'll need them to make the British Starter Set more "40kish."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mustering Saturday PtII

Score at the game store.

1st off, I noticed that some really cool sprues that Peter sent me had this conspicuous "Warlord Games" imprint on it.  Arriving at the game store, I was assaulted by a sale table of consignment Warlord Games stuff, just boxes and boxes and boxes.  All of it was 20% off.

I dropped $115.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arts and Crafts day (Mustering Saturday)

I'm going to the game store today.  Need to buy more stuff.

Tried to buy some cameras at the thrift store, but they're out.

How is it that this thrift store had like 50 old 35mm cameras a month ago, but now all they got is those huge Polaroid instant cameras?

My gang is ready to go for tomorrow.  If I try really really hard, I might be able to field some guard soon, maybe in Zone Mortalis.

My friend Peter sent me a bunch of stuff.  A BUNCH.  More like a bushel.  I'll try to take pics of this stuff soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A new Victory Point brainstorm

Ick.  Havent been posting.  Check out Apostles of Contagion for what  we did.  I'll really try hard to come up with some fluff to describe it all, but I've been working overtime like nuts.  I need one of those long days to sit and chill out and get this done.

However, I've put together some terrain after work with some scrap glass and foil/solder.  They're glass boxes, pretty rough-cut by my standards but they should work with my current terrain set (aka: the big box of stuff I found on the street (literally)).

I'm hoping for a good Sunday game, some Zone Mortalis and Arbitrator.  I think for Arbitrator we'll try something a little bit more simple, run on the board, collect some objectives.  Initial brainstorm was that you could grab an objective, combine the objective with another one.

Say you have eight objectives on the board.  These are movable objectives, using rules that describe them as heavy two-handed objectives.  Say they look and act like ten-gallon buckets of water.

Only one person can carry an objective.  However, if you brought an objective to another objective, you could "mix" the two of them, that's when the second objective would be added to the first and only be worth 50% of its current value, but becoming a single objective worth 1.5 points.  As long as you add mixtures to the bucket, every added objective loses 50% of its value, so a third objective carried by one person would be worth 1 + 0.25 + 0.5 = 1.75. 

Individual models could exchange buckets, but the values never increase, nor can they be separated.  Therefore, if I had Hiro carrying three objectives at 1.75vp, and Yog carrying one at 1.0, Hiro could give Yog his bucket.  Then Yog would have 1.0 + 1.75 (50%) = 1.875.

I say we deploy, and run for the buckets!

Comments welcome.