Monday, September 3, 2018

A little bit about DBGoLD 2018

DBGoLD, one of the more informal events of D-Company's register, is held every Labor Day weekend.  This year I got to participate in Sunday and Monday events.  I won't give battle reports in this telling of the events, just some photos of the action.

First, Seti's house for a 50PL engagement.  Custom scenario, one where we had to cross the board to get individualized relics.  I brought Imperial Guard, Seti had the fearsome Night Lords.

The "Beetles" Infantry Squad approach the Night Lords, who had cloaked themselves in darkness.  A Ministorum Priest chants litanies of war in the back of the party.  

Ratling Snipers take up a position behind a broken fence line.  

The Night Lords approach.  

Larry's Boyz take aim at a rhino.  These rhinos were my bane in this game- I just couldn't wound them!

Day two.

After a late night of gaming and movie watching at Seti's place I moved on to breakfast with Nigel, and over to Downer Hardware.

Deployment upon the coconut encampment.

Iron Warriors lined up in droves.

I love these models.

These Iron Warrior havocs on the rooftop were raining missiles down upon my troops all game long.

The "Poor Bastards" run forward in a mad dash to capture the objective.

Melkor steps out of his rhino chariot...

Unfortunately for the Bastards, Melkor would not let this kind of behavior last very long.

Matching shirts!

Not a matching shirt, but a good shirt.

Play in action.

Grey Knights face off along the streamed against a Demon host.

Jedly's Grey Knights.

More imperial guard shenanigans.  This was Game Two  of Monday, me and Romba1 against EthMongul and Lord Boroth, 75PL each.

Romba's Ultramarines look spectacular.  

Some of the Death Guard of Ethmongul.  

The defensive firing line of the Iron Warriors.

Ethmongul's Poxwalkers.

My Ratlings on the rooftop.

Two thumbs up.

Seriously, you do NOT want to  charge this guy.

Marines and Imperial Guard being all buddy-buddy.

Romba's Ultramarine Primaris.

Scions mixing it up with a Death Guard sorcerer.  


Well hello.

Hey... why didn't he take any pictures of my models?
So this was great.  I lost my first game against Seti- it was close.  I did really well in my next two games, thinking my Imperial Guard are starting to click.  Punisher tanks are really mean.  I don't think my opponents liked me tooling up the punisher with a tank HQ that would allow it to re-roll 1's on 40 Strength 5 shots.

Thanks Ethmongul for a great time, and to everyone in D-Company for making it well worth the drive from Madison.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Showing off friend-of-the-blog Adam's work. Really spectacular.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

the Narendra Corporation has subsidiaries. Some of them deal in food, some of them deal in personal communication transmitters. These have become troublesome of late, as PCTs have been used to subvert subscriptions by hotwiring hot-spots in crowds of Jordaan laborers.

For some, this is just a phase and will blow over. For some, it is a revolution.