Tuesday, December 11, 2018

another game of "Game of Bones," the tortoise successfully blockades the rope bridge to frog island.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Artifacts at the border of the Industrial Suburbs.

A fifty power level game against the Necrons.  Dawn of war deployment, three objectives spread across the board.  Marines Errant seized the initiative.  We played the "Ascension" mission from the 2018 Chapter Approved book.

The Game Set-Up

The three artifacts were spread evenly across the board.  One, just east of  the Dictator's Ruined Podium, one lying 25 feet east of the CA5 Block, and one just behind the rock lying between the triangular BC-517 ATM transmitter and the "Red Club" billboard.

The Necrons appeared en masse on the eastern edge, between the Libradiisomn  Relay-Stat (Milepost 620)  and the Doyland Farm "SA" building.

Scouts infiltrated into the ATM transmitter.  They began to try to target the Necrontyr warlord, but couldn't connect on a head-shot.

Combat Squad Alpha sprinted into the Dictator's Podium lower level.

The Razorback delivered the Honorguard, Chaplain Gurr and Apothecary Phard into the front lines of the Necron warriors.  They withstood the overwatch fire and dove into combat, holding the Necrons in place for several turns.  Unfortunately, the Necrons continued to resurrect from their dismemberment.  At one point this Necron horde was down to four standing robots, but in two player turns had regained full strength.

When the Honor Guard fell, Plasma Team Green advanced with Lieutenant Thad Allen and Combat Squad Beta close behind.  They had been holding this objective, and now took it as their chance to lay down a fusillade at close range.

Combat Squad Alpha seized on an opportunity to leave the confines of their shelter.  They immediately began to take fire.

Combat Squad Alpha withers as it continues to secure the artifact.

Every available marine moves in to point-blank range in a suicidal ploy to stop the Necrons from advancing toward the artifacts.

At the end of the game Thad Allen stood alone, facing the oncoming wave of metallic bodies.

Essentially my strategy worked, as misguided as it seemed.  I concentrated on keeping the Necron warriors engaged in close combat with my marines, and kept them from scoring points on the objectives.  By turn five I was wiped off the board, and we decided that the book was a little unclear on whether or not the battle was over at this point.  He played another turn, and was able to score 7 points, counting first blood and slay the warlord.  I walked away with no models left on the board but 14 points scored from holding the objectives.

I've never had this happen to me before, where I won in victory points, did not destroy a single unit of my opponent, and was tabled.  Because of the lord he chose and the resurrection barge (or whatever that giant ribbed thing is) his warriors kept coming back turn after turn.  At the end of the game there were only 2 necron warriors from his army that were casualties!

A strange, but fun, game.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

Terrain project update: the mod podge has some major pull during its drying time. Go figure, it's just like a PVA. So I got the bases good and wet again and clamped them to the cabinet with large c clamps. I think that worked. Next time I'll probably use a similar method but clamp at the get-go.