Friday, July 29, 2016

The Bandrois Swamplands, Excursion Contact made.

PC Jake Taffton's small detachment, the Scavenge Patrol Detachment 7 (the remaining survivors from the [i]Upper V Expeditionary Force[/i]  entered into the outskirts of the city.  Food and fuel were located.  They made  way to the turf.  Loyalist forces were on their heels, and also making a quick dash for the ammunition stores nearby.  Their paths crossed, and it was inevitable that a firefight in the swamp would occur.

Our chimera in the rear, intended for long-range support, was ambushed by three Loyalist sentinels that pursued us from the south.  The main drive and core were compromised, and Infantry Squad Slug Dogs dismounted and took up fire at the sentinels.  They sank up to their knees in the muck.

Commander Jake Taffton, seen above, motions his command squad forward in coordination with the Slug Dogs. His melta team opens fire and combined with the autocannon, eliminate any remaining sentinels in pursuit.

Unfortunately for PC Jake Taffton, a vicious shard of shrapnel from the detonating sentinels catches him squarely in the jaw.   He is knocked to his knees.  His remaining command squad quickly drag him into the bushes, just in time for Infantry Squad Beetles to join them.

Infantry Squad Baileys secure some food.  Their fire was hampered by the starving troops literally tearing into rations of raw turf while firing from their position.  Loyalist forces return fire.  Chaos erupts as water jugs explode from lasgun fire.

Infantry Squad Beetles dashes across the small hill and takes position behind the hedgerows. 

A scrum breaks out between the Beetles and Loyalist Veterans.  The Beetles scatter, and collectively decide to fall back into the swamp.

The Baileys dashed forward into the abandoned ball-bearing storage bin.  There was the hidden supply of fuel they were sent to retrieve. 

The Baileys held their ground while Chimeras burned and blinded them with acrid black smoke.

The field was yielded.  PC Taffton called a general retreat as the Rat Catchers and Broilers took up fall-back positions behind his line.  The Loyalists ground their final Chimera up to the ammunition and began piling it on board.

When the reinforcements arrive, Jake Taffton will receive his new orders.  More than likely, he'll find himself heading into the city to pursue the fuel-filled transports and to avoid a siege of the city.  His men would fight just if promised they could reach Lake Delta to the north.

Death feels better than going on one more day with an empty canteen.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A few work experiments.

Just a few things I'm working on... at work!  Making a 40k panel.  From the top, etched glacier, sand-carved blue-flash-on-clear, etched on green iridized, and finally bistre brown traditional stained glass matt on glacier.

I'm having fun with it.  I'll update as it progresses.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Archangel Michael

Stained glass painted with traditional glass paint and enamels.  Glass included is from Kokomo, Wissmach, Chroma hand-blown antiques, and some Youghiogheny herringbone ripple.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

a little work in progress on the God of Mankind.

You see, some divisions of Christianity see Michael as the Christ-before-Jesus incarnation- the god-that-was-to-become-man, swinging his sword in the war of heaven, the heresy of Lucifer.