Sunday, September 21, 2014

I love the skull on this guy on the right. These are more of Eye of Isha's new recruits, WIP. It's fun to see them progress knowing that I'll see them on the tabletop someday, a bit like watching forces amass on the border. I've been working on some conversions and restorations, nothing worth taking pictures of, yet. A speeder, some veteran guardsmen, a Reaper miniature "park ranger" type fellow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NGC 2: The pursuit.

 NGC Battle Report II: 200pt Kill Team Mission “”
Mission Status: Complete
Team Status: Injuries- Sgt. Allen inconsequential injuries, Theisen critically injured, Rhino storm bolter Badley Damaged. Casualties-None.  MIA- Sasto.

Harkor system, planet 52-14.

Upon encounter with the Ravenguard Scouts, Sergeant Allen withdrew to Verstid station, and the full investigation begun in earnest.

Allen, who was decidedly irritated by the skirmish,  hastily assembled a pursuit crew and boarded them on his own personal Rhino "The Voorheeves."  This particular Rhino was outfitted with a Hunter Killer Missile.

As expected, the Assistant of the Sergeant  (the fearless M. Gruner) boarded nearly in lockstep with Sgt. Allen.

Guerrilla Specialist Baflae and bolter specialist Theisen returned to the station battered, yet paused simply to reload.

Sgt. Allen's pursuit formation included a Meltagun specialist named Vekkle, who had a knack for picking his targets carefully, his skills had been honed in the Shardfire event during the conflicts with the Apostles of Contagion in the Mercian Asteroid Belt.  In those years he had acted more like a sniper rather than a tank-killer with his meltagun.

Volunteering for action was the bolter specialist Sasto.

The Pursuit Formation, 8 marines and one rhino, left hastily from Verstid station, boarded the awaiting transports and were within 7.5 hours en route to Harkor 52-14.

Melta Specialist Vekkle hurtles across the roof emplacements while Theisen and Baflae advance toward the Razorback.

Allen and Sasto had performed a flanking maneuver to approach from the east (Allen), and west (Sasto).  Allen was successful in threatening the guardsmen hiding behind the storage ventilation facility, but was soon dropped to one knee from a psy-bolt round fired by Inquisitor Doyen.

Sasto unloaded as many shells as possible into the troops surrounding their razorback transport, but could not find cover.  He was incapacitated, disarmed, and hauled aboard the razorback.  His fate is uncertain.

Sasto dispatches one of them before being critically injured by plasma fire.  He is taken prisoner at the end of the encounter.

A deal is struck.  Allen lies wounded, Assistant Gruner stares down Doyen and begins negotiations.

Inquisitor Doyen and M. Gruner exchanged threats, then exchanged a deal.  Gruner, not realizing that Mr. Sasto was captured, agreed for a retreat from the battlefield.  "We shall not forget our first meeting," he was to say in parting, "our true targets lie behind your position.  We shall pass without further incident.  Failure to yield will bring the fury of the Errants upon you."

By the time the team had reassembled behind the refining towers the Razorback and all of Doyen's retinue had disappeared from the field.  Sasto was noted as missing.  Immediately, Sgt. Allen called in for assasination protocols, and for heavier guns to be brought to the surface.