Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bane Wolf conversions.

 Right, so I was walking through St. Vincent De Paul one day and I come across this giant bin of used cameras.  All these film cameras.  It took me a few months to realize that they were just about the same size as a Chimera.  I eventually made myself go down there and buy three of them, and for the past few months I've been collecting pieces and bits for converting them.  I've officially started, run into some difficulties, but am well on my way.  The camera on the right has just two "wheels" glued on with epoxy.  The one on the left has four wheels and that track used for ring-saws (mentioned in earlier posts).

Below we have the one from the left, a few exhaust ports from that looted Ork Demolisher lying around.   The wheels that the track are mounted on are actually bearings from the same saw; they eventually seize up and get thrown out.  I pick them from the trash, bring them home and save them.  I've got several left, even used four to hike up the Gear House a bit from its base.

Here is a picture of someone else's Bane Wolf (found after a cursory Google Image search).  Note that it is essentially a Chimera with a weird Chem-cannon on the front, that's sort of ribbed as if it were a nozzle for a pneumatic tool.

The nozzle on mine will be much more pronounced. I added some track guards, and the heavy flamer to the front.  Anyone gets within 8" of the front of this thing will be pretty sorry indeed.  On this particular conversion, the wheels are plastic rings that were used in the packing material for my metal wire shelving units in the basement.  I really don't throw anything away anymore.

Here's a detail of the front.  Thought I'd put that little do-flingy from the turret on here as a sort of "visual contact device" used to assure that there aren't friendly units directly in front of the heavy flamer.

Here's a detail of the track guards.  Some track guards from an old Chimera, held on with track pieces from a Baneblade.

 I threw on some smokestacks.  These are from the hydraulic lift part from the enormous dozer-blades that used to come with the old chimera kits.  A barrel to hold the toxin, and a towing hook (probably for towing a leman russ) for good measure.

Here's a size comparison between a chimera chassis and what I'm building.  I'm not convinced on the one on the lower-left, so that one will be last.

Another shot for comparisons...

Last night I tore the wheels off of Bane Wolf #2 and started over again.  This time the belt (treads) won't be as wonky (hopefully).  I also base-coated a TON of guardsmen.  I can't wait to get back down there.  They look so good already- much better than primer white.

Next on the agenda after the Bane Wolf Project--

What do I make with this?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Paskquisher Conversion.

You take a Leman Russ Punisher (that's the one with the heavy 20 shot turret), you add Tank Commander Pask, you double-down with three heavy bolters and a heavy stubber.  I decided to make one, despite it being not very cost-effective in the competitive game.  I'm like that, I think.  I've got a Chronos-piloted Annihilator Predator in my Space Marines army.  I like tank commanders.  This guy cannot jump out like Chronos can, but he's still pretty cool.  Makes the take BS4.

Slovak can be thanked for donation of the tread "sides" of the tank.  The chassis was from my old Looted Ork Demolisher, which seriously got nerfed (Front Armor 11) in the new 'Dex.  I had to add some bits from a Baneblade kit I had sitting around for ages.  The back of the Ork Demolisher had been torn off and replaced with a screen, which would reveal the spinning light I had mounted inside.  Since that was long gone, I had to layer some armor plates.  No problem, this guy is a siege tank with extra armor on the back.  The treads are a worn-out belt I salvaged from work.  The original purpose of this belt is to drive a diamond ring saw.  I've saved several of these, they fit nicely into the tracks. and are much easier to install than the plastic treads included in the kit.  

The turret is a housing for the radioactive element inside a smoke alarm.  Of course I tore it out and used it.  Its perfect.  Again, more bits from a baneblade.  Pask is attached with a magnet (in case I build another tank that's even more stupid).  The gun is a G.I. Joe barrel (?) that Seti gave me a long time ago, and it is mounted to the turret housing with a finishing washer from a peep-hole lens used on doors.  

A detail of the front of the tank.  I figured I could add a dozer blade if I found I needed the tank to cost even more points.  Otherwise, this is the mechanism that's used to tow the tank to battle, since its gas mileage is three gallons to the mile.

Through the window of the Gear House.


Insert obligatory "I haven't posted in a while" comment here.  Life's tough.  Daughter is almost a year old.  I spend my free time piloting spacecraft in Kerbal Space Program and rubbing my eyes.  I haven't slept six hours straight in weeks.  Still, things are happening.

Ethmongul's orks, en masse, waiting in deployment.
Some Marines Errant vs. Seti's Eldar.  A massacre of marines.  Flailing.
Boroth's Terminators, lined up in a disadvantageous position against Necrons.
An Errant defense line, complete with quad gun.  It kinda worked...
Errants pile out from their Rhino and engage the Striking Scorpions who were defending the Eldar Pathfinders.
Objective secured.
The strangest 4-legged being ever seen on JYLN-55.
He's a Chaos Sorceror.  You know it, watch out for his mojo.
A Chaos warrior, the Gear House from the beginning is seen in the background.