Sunday, December 29, 2013

The evacuation of spaceport Alpha Charlie 10

The following are pictures from a six player game where the orks invaded a spaceport defended by Imperial forces, including Astral Claws, Marines Errant and the Rising Sons Chapters.

An evacuation zone has been defined, yet the Arvis Lighter fleets have not arrived yet.  Hoards of orks are advancing from three sides at the base, and it will most certainly be overrun.  The only hope is to hold the orks off in time for the evacuation to get underway.

The Marines Errant Master of the Forge has already arrived to supervise the drop of Errant tactical squads, which will hopefully provide a "second push" for the defenders.  His secondary objective is to re-mobilize the currently immobilized Punisher Battle Tank stationed at the base.  

Two sets of imperial guard veterans have been posted at the front gates, knowing that the hoards of orks are advancing through the jungle.

Behind them, half-strength tactical squads have taken up position in bunkers.  Two lascannon Razorbacks cover one of the evacuation sites.

On the opposite side of the base, the Astral Claws form into a solid gunline, and await the inevitable advance of the orks.

Astral Claws ordinance, dreadnaughts, and guardsman gunline.

More of the Astral Claws.

The landing pad.  Here is where the Marines Errant would be dropped into play.  A squadron of Hellhound variants crosses the bridge in hope to support the right flank.  A basilisk emplacement is seen in the left corner.

Guardsmen on the other side of the center entrance.  Their Chimera advances to physically block the orks.

The Rising Sons set up in defense lines and bunkers outside of the base and at the edge of the jungle, ready to act as impediments to the orks and their charge.

An ork's view from their deployment zone.

Nobz, pounding their way through the jungle.

Lootas take aim through the trees.

Orks, screaming in teeming mobz, pour out from the jungle and into the open yard.

A view of no-man's land.  Orks on the right, Astral Claws on the left.

Astral Claws take aim...

...and begin to light up the jungle with lasgun fire.

Orks everywhere!  Scores of greenskins stream toward the center gates.

Rising Sons sell their lives dearly in the first outpost hastily set up from a busted chimera and sandbags.  It offered very little protection from the orkish heavy slugs.

Ork Big Guns.

Orks crash into the center gate on one side.  A chimera is destroyed.  Guardsmen with larger guns begin to focus their fire upon the closest orks.

The evacuation zone, and the immobilized Punisher Battle Tank.  Infiltrators begin arriving in the backfield, and stormboyz begin dropping from the skies.  A firefight breaks out on the front lines.

A view of the drop zone and the road leading to the center gate.

The road leading to the center gate.

Banewolves and Hellhound have crossed the bridge and prepare to dive into the ork advance.

Astral Claws holding secure on a drop zone.

Marines Errant begin to arrive on the drop zones.  Dreadnaughts arrive and cover the Master of the Forge, who has headed to the rear to support the Punisher Battle Tank.  An Annihilator and Tactical Rhino arrive in the center drop zone and surge toward the center gate.

Rising Sons raise their Plasma Cannons and take aim at Nobz that break into the open.

Master of the Forge heads to the rear, just in time to see Stormboyz dropping from the sky ahead of him.

Orks hit the hill!  Front-rank second-rank fire.

Arvis Lighters begin their approach to the landing pad.

Ork air support begins arriving.  

The most terrifying Nobz biker squad roars out of the woods after the Rising Sons outpost is overrun.  They head straight for the center gate.

Ork big guns pummel anyone in sight.

Orks on foot, undeterred by the loss of their mob-mates, continue to run at the front gate.

Master of the Forge repairs the Punisher.  The whole time, the tank has been firing at full-auto at orks on the right flank.

Keerunch.  Ork rokkit launchas come into range and start tagging Marine vehicles on the hill.

A contingent of Marines arrive on the landing zone on the left flank.  "Everthings fine here," the Astral Claws seem to say.

The center road.  The tactical rhino advances, and pops smoke.  Battlewagons can be seen heading up the road toward the center gate.

Mega Armor to the left, Bikes and battlewagons in the center, Nobz mobs on the right.  The center gate is about to feel the full strength of an ork crush.

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Orks return fire from the Marines and guard.  Guardsmen on the front lines hop the wall and charge in, despite their greatest fears coming true.

On the right flank, strange ork dreadnaughts begin arriving.  This fella wants to hug someone.

The center begins to engage.  Ork Nob Bikes have arrived at the wall!  Everyone takes aim and starts to whittle them down.

More Ork Kans clank forward on the right flank.

Ork bikers hit the second walls, begin mopping up anyone they touch.  Marine Errant Dreadnaughts start withering from the persistent Ork covering fire.

Ork Bommas strafe the battlefield while multiple mobz hit the front lines.  The front gate is almost overrun.

Marines on the landing pad among the Astral Claws front are hit with a barrage of ordinance.  Many fall from the persistent pummeling.

Dreadnaughts dive into combat with the Nob Bikers.

Marneus Guard-Gar leads his Ministorium Priest and Veteran weapons team into combat with the Nob bikers as well! 

The bravery of guardsmen is often interpreted as foolishness.  Some might say a guardsman with a powerfist is foolish as well. 

The view down the center road.  A tactical Rhino dives into the fray, and is immediately surrounded by Nobz on all sides.

The center road, marines head into the ork hoard.

A view of the Mega Dread from the Landing Pad.

One brave melta-gun marine dashes toward the mega-dread and takes aim... he missed.

Here come the orks!  Nobz begin stomping up the center road.

Their Rhino destroyed, three tactical marines deploy from the rear hatch to see Nobz in front of them, and Mega Armor advancing behind them.

The Master of the Forge reports to the landing crews that the Evac Zone is still secure.

The Arvis Lighters begin evacuating some non-essential personnel.

He eventually fell, but Marneus Guard-Gar holds the bikes off for a few critical moments.