Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Creation of a Homeworld, Part 2

Next to build the table.  First, I purchased a saw.

Then, I purchased some wood.

I made some plans.  Cut down some pieces.  The legs are cut from cedar 4x4s, at a height that exactly matches the joint of my hip, hopefully allowing me the best reach across the table.  This happens to be 39".  The top frame of the table are 2x6s, the bottom frame 2x4s.  I need it to be strong to hold everything I throw at it, just in case I need to build terrain from lead.

No kidding, it might happen.

Anyways, here's some of the wood cut to size.

I tack screwed the table frame together, then attached the legs, bolting them on with 3/8" carriage bolts.

Because you wanted to see it, here's a detail of the leg assembly.  Washer, lock-nut, nut.

Here's the frame, complete with cross-braces.  Solid, ready for the plywood.  

The total table playing area should be 5' x 7', but the plan is to place a 4'x6' board in the middle and a trim rail around the perimeter to catch dice.  But more on that later.  Next time I'll break out the circular saw and cut down the plywood drying out in my garage.